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Filmmaking Since

This detailed design pays homage to amazing African-American Filmmakers, dating back to 1919 and starting with  Oscar Micheaux a filmmaker before his time.

Walk in the room with the imprint of many great filmmakers with you...  


Filmmaking since1919 LMG.png


In a world full of people asking for LIKES and FOLLOWS, there is something to be said for SELF-ACCEPTANCE.  So when you walk in the room, let the world know that You are VERIFIED!

Walk in the room proud and share with the world, the authentic you!  


filmmaker dope.jpeg


To say that something is just COOL is an understatement... When you arrive on the scene in this statement item, people will know you are bringing some HEAT, no matter what you do!

Let'em know that not ONLY are you Cool, but what you do is cool too.


Be Like

No one walks the same path. Everyone's journey is different, taking notes from those that are amazing at what they do, that have gone before you is commendable... So take a few notes from some of the best in the film industry.

BUILD like Tyler Perry

LEAD like Sidney Poitier 

ACT like Viola Davis

CAST like Robi Reed

KICKASS like Jordan Peele

TRAIN like Denzel Washington

INSPIRE like Debbie Allen

PRODUCE like Ava DuVernay

DIRECT like Ryan Coogler

WRITE like Barry Jenkins


be like leather_edited.png
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