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Filmmaking Since

Filmmaking Since 1919: Step into the room with the legacy of extraordinary African-American filmmakers.


This intricately crafted design is a tribute to the remarkable contributions of African-American filmmakers, stretching back to 1919, starting with the visionary Oscar Micheaux. It represents a powerful symbol of the rich history and cultural impact of these trailblazing artists.


When you wear this design, you carry with you the imprint of countless great filmmakers who have paved the way before you. Their dedication, creativity, and fearless storytelling serve as inspiration, guiding your own cinematic journey.


Embrace the legacy of Filmmaking Since 1919 and let it ignite your passion, drive, and determination to tell stories that matter. With each step you take, you carry the weight of this profound heritage, forging your own path in the industry.



Celebrate the past, embrace the present, and shape the future of filmmaking.

Filmmaking since1919 LMG.png


In a world obsessed with seeking validation through likes and follows, there is incredible power in embracing self-acceptance. So, as you step into any room, let the world know that you are VERIFIED!

Embrace your uniqueness and walk with confidence, proudly sharing your authentic self with the world. Let your accomplishments, talents, and individuality shine through, for they are what truly matter.



Embrace your journey, love your hustle, and be unapologetically you. Your authenticity is what sets you apart and brings value to every room you enter. Let the world see the real you, and inspire others to do the same.

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To describe something as merely "cool" would be an understatement... When you make your entrance wearing this statement piece, everyone will feel the heat radiating from you, no matter what you do!


Let them know that not only are you cool, but what you do is cool too. You bring a unique energy and passion to your craft, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.


Embrace your creative spirit, push boundaries, and make a mark in the world of filmmaking. Let your work speak volumes and inspire others to pursue their own artistic endeavors. You are a force to be reckoned with, and your impact is undeniable.



Be Like

No two paths are the same. Each person's journey is unique, filled with lessons and inspiration from those who have excelled in their craft. It's commendable to recognize the achievements of those who have paved the way before you. So why not take a few notes from some of the best in the film industry?


Learn from their expertise, study their techniques, and let their accomplishments fuel your own creative fire. Embrace the wisdom of the masters and use it to elevate your own work. Your dedication to continuous growth and learning will set you apart on your own remarkable journey.


Embrace the wisdom of the film industry's icons, and let their influence shape your own unique path. You have the power to create something extraordinary, and by learning from the best, you're destined to leave your mark on the world of film.

BUILD like Tyler Perry

LEAD like Sidney Poitier 

ACT like Viola Davis

CAST like Robi Reed

KICKASS like Jordan Peele

TRAIN like Denzel Washington

INSPIRE like Debbie Allen

PRODUCE like Ava DuVernay

DIRECT like Ryan Coogler

WRITE like Barry Jenkins


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